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Corporate Sponsorship and Partnerships

Imagine the possibilities when you align your brand, business goals and philanthropic objectives with the BamFam Foundation. BamFam’s ever-evolving host of sports related programs, camps, films, community outreach, hands-on experiences, and special events provide countless possibilities. We can offer a wide range of giving opportunities that allow you to reach your desired audience and impact your industry, community or charitable cause across the country.

Impact Community Needs

Supporting BamFam’s programs and event initiatives helps us address some of our community’s greatest needs, to:

  • Improve community relations with law enforcement

  • Secure and empower a skilled future workforce, leaders and mentors

  • Prepare young children to be successful in school and everyday life

  • Build strong, healthy families focused on the value of education, leadership, and inclusion.

In-Kind Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsorship support is not limited to cash funding of events. Companies, organizations and individuals may also provide products or services in support of BamFam programs and events. Examples of such in-kind sponsorship include:


  • Support vehicles

  • Cargo vans

  • Gasoline

  • Hotel rooms

  • Bicycles and toys

  • Food

  • Clothing and gear

  • Interns for program support

  • Airline tickets

  • And much more!

Reach Your Target Audience

Those who support BamFam as sponsors and partners benefit from privileged access to BamFam audiences, generally families with children of all ages, a growing number of teens ages 12-18 and adults, particularly millennials and an assortment of professional athletes across the country.

BamFam’s reach includes:

  • 15,000+ member households

  • 75,000+ event visitors on-site each year

  • 100,000+ outreach program participants

Sponsor Benefits
Build Brand Awareness

Those who support BamFam as sponsors and partners are recognized through marketing campaigns developed by BamFam’s hard working team.

  • Exposure ranges from small scale local campaigns to major exhibit campaigns that can achieve millions of impressions regionally

  • Recognition vehicles vary by campaign and can include a combination of paid advertising (print, digital, radio, TV), earned media (PR, social media), and BamFam-owned media (web, publications, on-site signage)

  • Leveraging support from community partners, media partners and promotional partners is a defining element of BamFam’s marketing campaigns, helping to maximize sponsor exposure

Sponsor benefits include, but are not limited to, participation spots and logo recognition on all program signage, vehicles, clothing and communications.

Interested in learning more? For a complete sponsorship packet, and information regarding available support opportunities, please contact Ian Leslie, BamFam Director of Community Development. He may be reached by telephone, U.S. Mail, or by email.


BamFam Foundation

PO Box 152937

Austin, TX 78715


BamFam Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to BamFam are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Please consult your tax advisor.         EIN: 84-3643749

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