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Be The Change!

Ride Along: Our special guest (the driver), representing department officer, and BamFam Director will drive around the school community in a BamFam provided vehicle for 30 mins having an open and honest conversation about the issues/needs of that community.


Curriculum Based Q&A Session: Students are sent a pre-survey with gauging questions about their thoughts, experiences, and opinions about law enforcement that allow for a guided and strategic 30-45 min Curriculum based Q&A session with law enforcement officer, special guest, and BamFam staff. Areas of priority include, education, community/police relations, racial equality and economic development empowering athletes, sports leaders, and the community to become effective advocates for change.

Sports Clinic: Student Athletes and Law Enforcement officers are grouped together in teams must work together during a 30-45 sports clinic with fun competition drills that focus on all phases of the game, leadership, teamwork, and hard work.

In what ways do you believe this community/police issue can be improved?


“Push the envelope on having racial injustice conversations.”


“The issue can improve by making it easier to talk to a cop”


“More training but also more teaching people how to rightfully encounter law enforcement”.



  • 45+ Schools

  • 40+ Police Departments

  • 6500+ Student Athletes

  • And Counting!

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