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About Us

The BamFam Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that celebrates, supports and raises awareness and funding for at-risk youth through the use of team sports. BamFam Foundation promotes education, health, and community service to at-risk youths and their families through sports related events and activities. 

Our Mission

BamFam Foundation aims to foster positive relationships/experiences and productive citizens by engaging youth in dynamic sport related community programs and events by working in partnership with, counselors, teachers, law enforcement, military, first responders and other community-based organizations.

Our Values

Teamwork: The importance of coordinating efforts with organizations and athletes who share our dedication and commitment of promoting the positive benefits of sports.

Integrity: All activities promote trust, respect, authenticity, inclusion and dignity.

Sportsmanship: The importance of exhibiting and observing qualities that are highly regarded in everyday life and sports – generosity, courtesy, pride, and ethics.

Agility: The commitment to rapidly adapt and grow in order to achieve our mission.

Education: A belief in the positive impact of life-long learning and mentorship.


  • EDUCATE: Knowledge,Health,Community Awareness, diversity and inclusion.

  • Multiple Community Programs

  • Charitable Events

  • Community Resources

  • Empower athletes, sports leaders, and the community to become effective advocates for change.

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